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Corporate Meetings - keeping energy levels up!


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Hi Everyone!  I'm planning a week long corporate meeting and would like to offer chair massages to our attendees by the onsite spa personnel.  Have any of you offered this during your meetings?  How did it go?  How long did you offer per person? How many masseuse personnel did you make available?  Did you offer this on breaks? Or before/after the meeting session?  Was there a sign up in advance? Or was it impromptu?

Are there any other tips you have on keeping the energy level up during our meetings? 

Looking forward to your comments!

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Thanks for the suggestions, Kaylyn! I'll keep this in my "recharging" notes!  

We had our meeting two weeks ago and the chair massages were a hit.  Our meeting was 80 people, primarily males.  We had two chair masseuses set up for 5-10 min massages in the morning before the meeting, during breaks, lunch and for 30 minutes after the meeting.  They were a hit!  Some went back more than once!

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