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Applicant and Candidate Testing Games

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Hello, ASAP Members, 

Some corporations require Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants to complete different forms of memory and puzzle testing games. For example, remembering were dots are placed within less than 15 second time frame, completing puzzles and returning to select where the dots were placed (and completing this cycle).  A majority of the puzzles are simple, except there are couple I had not seen
beforehand.  Also, there is the time frame constraint. The descriptions to complete the tasks did not make sense immediately with the brief sample. The testing changes every year to several years.

Based on tests, the applicant cannot apply and take the tests for another year.  It's awful. 

Could ASAP provide test practices online? Providing the solution to the test and memory games after submitting the answers so the participant can see what was done right or wrong. This allows ASAP Members to practice and learn from these types of testing forums.   

I have been searching on-line for practice sessions on-line. It's limited.

Thank you for your time.  Looking forward to hearing from people.

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I'm James Peterson a corporate recruiter at COMPOUND INCORPORATED, We are presently hiring a customer service representative position. If you are interested, kindly send your resume to careers@compoundincorporated.com to get more information.

Customer Service Representative Requirements:

High school diploma, general education degree or equivalent.
Ability to stay calm when customers are stressed or upset.
Comfortable using computers.
Experience working with customer support.


James Peterson
Corporate Recruiter

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